For my marketing campaign? Irene Chinea Irene Chinea May 12, 2021 14:00:00 CEST The visual appeal of a brand is the main influence on the consumer’s purchase decision. In fact, according to the design portal Canva , the color and appearance of a product affect 93% of the purchase decision . In addition, studies show that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%. Therefore, when a consumer sees a product or service that has their favorite color or an attractive color, most of the purchase decision is already made.

color psychology Color psychology is the study of how color affects human behavior, this being a branch of the broader field of behavioral Israel whatsapp number list psychology. This science determines that each color influences the mood and mental state of an individual. And in the case of marketing, it affects when making decisions about consuming a product or service. In order to carry out a marketing campaign adjusted to our objectives, it is necessary to determine what image we want to give .

For This, the Use of Colors

is going to be fundamental, so we must know what each color represents. It should be noted that this can vary depending on the recipient, as other factors such as mood , culture , their previous experiences or the time and place they are in influence. The meaning of colors and their application Previously, it is important to recognize that there are two ranges of colors: primary and secondary. Within the primary colors we have yellow , red and blue . And within the secondary colors we have violet , orange and green.

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The way we use these colors we will be able to generate a greater purchase incentive. Blue The color blue is associated with the sea and the sky, so it transmits tranquility and peace . On the other hand, it also represents intelligence , efficiency , and coolness . These are just some of the feelings that your customers may feel about your brand. If your brand is to health. You will see that most of your competitors generally use blue.  To associate the brand with a quality and reliable product.

Red Red Is Usually Associate

with passion and strength , but also with aggressiveness and tension . It is mainly used to draw attention to a specific element of a campaign.  For example for buttons with Call-To-Actions such as “Buy Now” or “Click Here”. Red highlights text and images.  So use it as a color to encourage people to make quick decisions. netflix-logo. Yellow In color psychology, the meaning of the color yellow.  Revolves around sunlight so it evokes feelings of happiness. Positivity , optimism , so you can use it.  For example, to promote children’s products and items to leisure.

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