At this point, it should be noted that not all this process is a bed of roses, as there are also challenges. That we must face when carrying out this type of action. According to Javier Martínez, the first challenge they face is the lack of flexibility. Since they work with SMEs with low budgets and large companies that have requirements that are not very accessible. This makes penetration more complex than, for example, platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook.

The second challenge is in the little information that exists about programmatic advertising in general. The CEO of ONiAd demands that this type of training be implemented in universities and marketing schools with the aim of preparing these professionals for the future. “ Few marketers have been able to experiment with programmatic advertising. There is a lack of education and that it can reach the whole world ”.

ONi Ad Was Born as A Search for Simplicity

In this context, It is a simple tool that does not need to sign a prior contract to be able to use it, because in five minutes the user can start setting up their advertising campaign. In addition, for those who still do not feel comfortable with this type of advertising Kuwait WhatsApp Number List actions, the company makes a group of experts available to its clients to help them democratize programmatic advertising.

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ONiAd: The example that programmatic advertising does not understand sectors
Javier Martínez has recognized that his role is to lead the company towards a common horizon. His fundamental task is based on creating a competent. And committed team, since from his point of view it is the main lever of the company. “ My job is to be able to find these people and involve them, because they are better professionals than me ”, explains the CEO of ONiAd.

Get a Little Closer to His Company

On the other hand, to get a little closer to his company and his work methodology, he has shared two success stories. The first has been a campaign carry out jointly with UNICEF. Whose objective was to publicize their solidarity postcards to involve people and get them to collaborate with donations.

The company’s second success story is with ThePowerMBA study center. They started working with them at the beginning, something of which they are especially proud. Because with the joint work they managed to grow the company. This example also serves to reflect and see that a very high budget is not necessary to use programmatic advertising and achieve positive results.

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