Create a podcast or videos where you describe your research project and Denmark Phone Number List submit the podcast to Youtube or Vimeo. Video is an increasingly important way for researchers to communicate their results. Make an online Curriculum Vitae supported by sites like ORCID or Resear Denmark Phone Number List cherID Reach out to popular newspapers and magazines to promote the main results of your research that may have an impact on the general population. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr The quality of a magazine depends on three fundamental factors: editorial management, the impact and visibility of its publications. Denmark Phone Number List The most prestigious scientific journals in any area of ​​knowledge are.

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constantly working to improve in these three aspects, in addition to Denmark Phone Number List other criteria already mentioned in the previous post ” Quality criteria for publications “, and in a very special way to maximize their visibility , which implies that the journal will be positioned in the best Denmark Phone Number List databases and its articles will be visible to researchers and potential authors from all over the world. author, it is essential to identify those journals that are located in indexed databases, selective newspaper libraries, selective Denmark Phone Number List catalogs or university libraries. Therefore, when selecting the journal to which you want to send a manuscript,

Denmark Phone Number List

in addition to taking into account the advice already published in this Denmark Phone Number List blog on how to choose a quality publication , the author must check in which databases that journal is located , since betting on a visible journal means that our article will be visible to researchers in the Denmark Phone Number List area and obviously, it will favor its being cited in future publications. When an author decides that can be the journal to which to send his best manuscript, he can check, in the tab ” Indexes ” where it is located, and as a consequence, check the capacity of the journal to disseminate in the academic and scientific field its Denmark Phone Number List research work.

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