When it comes to higher average tickets. Up to 70% of respondents report increasing their average ticket. When they have previously exposed to positive reviews. If this behavior is analyzed by age range, those between 16 and 24 years old are much more predisposed, and raise the figure to 80%, and those between 55-65 years old, the least.

If we analyze how the predisposition to higher spending affects by category, the top 5 is for footwear, children, pets, supermarkets and toys, which indicates that in these verticals the consumer is willing to pay more, probably in search of quality and security, the latter especially in the field of food and children’s territory.

The Analysis by Gender Is Introduced in This Variable

Women are more willing than men to spend more if the comments are positive. The ranking of their preferences in a decision of higher spending includes the categories children, footwear and sports equipment, while for them thai phone number payment at the checkout is for pets, footwear and the supermarket.

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The sectors where reviews have the most impact on sales. Purchase decisions (unrelated to willingness to spend) are electronics. Household appliances, practically as much as health, and closely followed by workshops, training, insurance and beauty and welfare.

And in Which Sectors Do Opinions Influence the Most?

In an analysis by age range, those under 25 years of age more easily influenced in the categories. Of fashion, training. By gender, women are the most sensitive to categories such as health or cosmetics. Perfumery, while men are more influenced by comments from the workshops and electronics sectors.

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