In this digital age it is impossible to think of positioning a business through the internet without making use of the tools that marketing offers us . In such a competitive market, it is not enough to have a well-designed store or website, but it is necessary to make it noticeable and reach the target audience more directly.

One of the oldest digital tools, but no less modern and still highly effective, is email marketing. Free mass mailing comprises important benefits when it comes to marketing a business. Among many other reasons, it is because more than 95% of consumers use e-mail , while close to that same percentage says they consult it at least once a day.

Some Email Marketing Statistics

In fact, it’s not uncommon for consumers to check their email several dozen times a day, so using email marketing to promote product and service content is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and is an effective tool to nurture Armenia B2B list potential customers, through the buying cycle.Some statistical studies that are being carried out by advertising agencies, year after year, indicate that the use of email since its invention has been playing a transcendental role among digital communication channels.

Email Database

Far from believing that with the rise of social networks. Is one of the most formal and convenient communication channels that exist. The best thing is that there is no distinction between the public that uses it. Since from the youngest to the oldest they have one.

Confirm a Facebook or Instagram Account

It is even mandatory to have an email to be able to confirm a Facebook or Instagram account. For example, as well as it is necessary to have one to have accounts on banking platforms. Carry out digital processes in public and private institutions, and plus. These are some numbers that show that the use of email to create digital advertising campaigns is still valid and effective:

According to some studies, more than 70% of email recipients have made at least one purchase. Based on a promotional email. 7 out of 10 people say they have used a coupon or discount from a marketing email
82% of consumers open emails from companies .

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