Each of these geomarketing layers are automatically fed from the information that the brand has initially configured. Therefore, a software with a large number of data layers will have more useful information available to the company , and there will be more visualization options between layers that will facilitate an easier adaptation to the objectives of each company.

This perspective also works the other way around, that is, you can do a sales analysis with marketing tools and check through the layers in which sectors of the population or in which geographical areas the campaign is having the best impact.

Since Companies May Need to Apply One Layer

This is especially relevant, since companies may need to apply one layer or another depending on their size or sector. However, you also have to know that there is general customer and sector data that all types of brands must take into telephone number directory India account if they want to get the most out of their geomarketing tools :

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Sociological data of clients. It is the most basic information obtained from a geomarketing program, however. It is also the most useful data to know if a campaign or action will be successful, or not, in a specific area. To have a good database, the usual thing is to compile the average age of the area, to know if the presence of women, or men, is the majority, or what is the level of the birth rate, among other data. However, it is possible to obtain more sociological information that may be relevant to brands.

Income Level of The Neighborhood

It is another of the basic indicators that brands should not forget. When carrying out any action in a certain area, especially if it is the opening of new premises. For example, the opening of a luxury store in a middle-class neighborhood may not deliver the results expected by the brand. Since the target audience will not be in that area. In this sense, having control over the average income of each zone will be of great help to geographically limit the best areas to carry out each action.

area communications. At a time when ecommerce is becoming more important than ever. Brands need to plan their trade routes intelligently so that shipments reach the customer quickly and satisfactorily. Geomarketing can be of great help, not only to detect the fastest routes between the company. The customer, but also to identify the areas with better communications. That will help to deliver a faster product from the warehouse.

Competition actions. A good geomarketing program must also offer information on the competition in a specific area. From the number of open establishments to the campaigns that are being carried out at that time. The brand will have a clearer idea of ​​whether or not it is worth carrying out a campaign. Or opening a new establishment in an area where the competition already has a consolidated presence.

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