There are 4 main families of 404 errors which all have their specificities:

“Internal 404 errors” (resulting from the internal linking): these errors are the most frequent. These are concretely internal links which must redirect to another page of its site but whose destination URLs are either incorrectly informed or obsolete. These links are the most important to correct because they have an impact on the crawl of Google, the good redistribution of the internal Page Rank and the user experience.

Resulting from Internal Outgoing Links

“Internal external 404 errors”: these errors generally result in an outgoing link present on your site. Redirecting to an external site or web page that does not exist or no longer exists. Even if this type of 404 error is often beyond your control, the Oman B2B listis recommended to remove or replace these links to avoid a bad user experience but this will have no impact on your SEO, except that you will not unnecessarily return Page Rank to a useless web page. The fewer errors of this type you have, the more the engines can tell themselves that your site is regularly update. Which could therefore have a positive indirect impact.

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Resulting from Incoming Links from External Sources

If another site links to one of your pages by making a mistake in the URL. Or by redirecting to old pages not redirected from your side. It will therefore generate a 404 error on your site that it is relevant to correct in order to take advantage of the Page Rank. Sent by this backlink and then redistribute it thanks to an effective internal mesh.

404 errors associated with media files. If you have integrate images or pdf files on your site which were then delete. The access URLs of the pages associated with these media. Provided that they are internally or externally linked, can also generate 404 errors. However, this type of error is generally infrequent. In a recent Twitter post , Google reiterated the importance of fixing internal 404 errors . The latter are in fact the most urgent to correct. Although the impact of external 404 errors should not be overlooked. Which indirectly cause the loss of “link juice” and therefore possible better positioning on certain requests.

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