Enough about how ‘but’ is used in large campaigns. At the beginning of this article I mentioned three practical examples where ‘but’ was heavily disadvantaged. What if I simply flip that sentence structure upside down? Suddenly the feeling you leave behind is of a completely different order. “We’re not making a deal, but you’ve given very convincing arguments.” ‘Your contract will not be extended, but your efforts are greatly appreciated.’ ‘I see an unsatisfactory mark here, but what a fantastic report.’ But… it works And that’s just how it can work for you.

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Now I’m curious: do you (still) need protection or do you let the word ‘but’ work for you? So that there is a very soft landing in the subconscious brain of your readers? Recently, we have rapidly started to work in a more decentralized way. No longer Senegal Phone Number at work, but much more or even completely at the home workplace. Major technology companies such as. Facebook Twitter have that they are fully to a workforce. The Dutch government has also started to regulate various activities in an increasingly decentralized manner. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) go much further. But what exactly are those?

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In this article all information about this new phenomenon. As humans, we have been organizing ourselves in ever newer forms ever since we walked around the earth. In recent years, the accelerated digital transition has pushed more and more organizations into the ‘cloud’. Research shows that more than three quarters of internet users are now in an online community, and another survey shows that almost 80% of respondents indicate that the main community they are a member of operates online. We are even seeing all kinds of new organizational forms emerging, such as the sharing economy and content networks, that reward people for their contribution to a network.

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