In this post, Rafael de Diego, from the Flat 101 SEO team, delves into the impact that Android Vitals have on any ASO strategy, since, if our app works better for the user, it will have greater visibility in marketplaces and therefore, it will improve your positioning.

The impact of performance
Therefore, a better user experience, higher-rated ratings and more installs can be driven by improving the performance of any application. With Android Vitals performance insights in the Google Play Console, we can spot the right france cell phone number example opportunities for our app and make the most of the tool to get alerts on potential issues, prevent misbehavior, and focus on key areas for improvement.

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App Is Working Properly and When It Comes to Reviews

When an app crashes, is unresponsive, or loads slowly, users notice it. Fortunately, they also notice when an app is working properly and when it comes to reviews, users share their experiences whether they are good or bad. Thanks to studies carried out by Google in the Anglo-Saxon market, we found that:

42% of 1-star reviews mention issues with app stability and bugs. 73% of 5-star reviews praise the app’s speed, design, and ease of use. As long as there is enough data to complete the reports, we will be able to find information about an app’s key performance metrics.

Battery Depleting Behaviors Include

An application is considered stable when it does not crash or freeze . Android Vitals provides us with normalized metrics information on key stability indicators, including crashes and Application Not Responding (ANR) errors. High-quality apps don’t drain excessive battery power or keep your central processing unit (CPU) running unnecessarily. Thanks to this, we can obtain data on how battery life affects our app when it is active or running in the background.

Trigger wake alarms more than 10 times per hour between two full charges of a device.
Wake locks lasting longer than one hour, which prevent the device from entering low-power states.
Excessive Wi-Fi scans or network usage. When data usage occurs in the background, users don’t have easy access to controls that can stop data transfer.

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