From our Google Analytics and thus allow us to improve our bounce rate and make sure that it does not influence our SEO positioning . In addition, to ensure that our website does not lose visibility. And you, what are you waiting for to enter Analytics and correct the bounce rate of your brand? They are terms in English that refer to what would be above the funnel (TOFU), in the middle (MOFU) and at the end (BOFU). In Spanish they would refer to the stages of attraction, decision, and purchase.

TOFU : It will be the highest part of our sales funnel. It refers to the first stage of the sale, the attraction phase. When users begin to consider that they need to find a solution to their problem or need and start looking for brands, that is where New zealand whatsapp number list the work of the first phase comes into play since the user still does not know anything about our products or services. MOFU : in this second stage, the decision stage, the user has already decided what type of product or service they need to solve the problem.

for Which They Have Been Seeking

help in the first phase of our sales funnel. However, you still need to consider various options before making a decision: take into account the prices offered by our competition for the same services, for example. This stage is key to determining if our user will finally become a lead , that is, it is the first business opportunity we will have. BOFU : this period corresponds to the end of the funnel, where the user has already become a lead and will make a purchase of our products or services.

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It is at this moment when commercial strategies come into action and we will have to offer the best of our brand to achieve a highly satisfactory sale. Once we are clear about these concepts, we can begin to create the right marketing funnel for our brand and improve the sales of our website. Steps to create your marketing funnel Once we have all the knowledge on the table, we have all the necessary information to create our marketing funnel . It is time to take it into action and create a strategic plan that can generate a business opportunity for us in the future.

To Do This, We Can Follow the Following

Knowing our buyer personas: we must start by knowing who our ideal clients would be, so we will build a database in which the different client profiles can be segmented as well as their most representative characteristics highlighted. Prepare your website : when we start this process we have to take into account that one of our tools to sell our brand will be our website. For this reason, we have to have it prepared for customer service, create it visually attractive with the insertion of videos and images, creating ebooks related to our brand or our work, etc.

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