Some of these servers, also called repositories, are already beginning to Nigeria WhatsApp Number List offer the possibility of depositing the preprints while allowing the option of sending the work directly to a journal for peer review (such as bioRxiv), as long as the magazine allows it. Many magazines, such as Nigeria WhatsApp Number List , have understood the possibilities and importance of these practices and publish, a few months before, the articles in preprint that will be published in the next issue. The magazine publishes in its calls for articles when the preprints will be available (see next figure). Other magazines such as “RED. de Educación a Nigeria WhatsApp Number List ”and“ Educational & ”, are publishing the articles, even without formatting, as they are accepted by the reviewers before the official date of the issue.

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These practices are supported by studies that show that early publication of accepted manuscripts contributes to creating a more transparent, faster, science. two Nigeria WhatsApp Number List To illustrate the benefits commented on preprints, it can be seen in the following figure how the journal “Physical Review” obtains a greater number of citations in the months before an article is published: 3 In Nigeria WhatsApp Number List summary, the main benefits of using preprints are: Immediately open access to the article. Obtain more feedback on your work from colleagues before the manuscript is published. Preprints increase the number of downloads Nigeria WhatsApp Number List and consequently the visibility of authors, their work, and possibly citations

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. It significantly reduces the delay in the publication of articles, which causes great frustrations and priority claims. On the other hand, some researchers consider a Nigeria WhatsApp Number List to the final version of the manuscript accepted by the editor, once the peer review process has finished, in which the author has incorporated the changes or corrections resulting from said review. However, many researchers agree that a Nigeria WhatsApp Number List is the publication of an article that has already been published by a journal including all its identification. This practice is not always accepted by publishers, so it must be taken into account before publishing it. Likewise, there are journals such as Comunicar, Nigeria WhatsApp Number List and RED,

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