There are four main vital elements : lock rate, ANR rate , stuck (background ) wakelocks, and excessive wake locks. As we have already reflected, the performance of our app can affect its visibility on Google Play. Specifically, apps that exhibit poor behavior on any of these metrics may experience: Decreased prominence in Google Play search results.

Less likely to appear in Google Play recommendations. Where does the data come from? To protect user privacy, metrics are only french phone number displayed on the vitals dashboard. If they have enough data to generate anonymous reporting and are currently collected from over 100 million devices.

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Bad Behaviors and Anomalies

At the top of the Overview page in the Google Play Console, we may see metrics with red or yellow warning icons. These icons indicate high-priority information about an application’s performance, known as anomalies and misbehaviors.

In addition, If we don’t see any red or yellow warning icons , then our apps are operating within the thresholds of good behavior. By filtering data by APK version, device, or OS version, we can quickly identify behavioral patterns. We can also filter by more than one dimension at a time.

Metric Time Interval vs. Misbehavior Threshold

We can see the technical performance of the last 7 days, 30 days or 3 months. The date range shown on our Android vitals page includes all data available to our app. With benchmarks, we can compare the app’s behavior to other apps in our category to identify what we’re doing well and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

After that,  Peer-selected benchmarks can show how our application’s performance compares to the median of a set of peers from various competitors. To identify trends over time, we can use visualization of average behavior compared to the misbehavior threshold. Ideally, the graph should display data below the threshold. To see a likely range of behavior instead of using an average, we’ll need to check the “Show Confidence Interval” checkbox.

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