Or just have a presence that guarantees availability of my brand for when my current and potential clients start the ZMOT? To know what the optimal presence within the digital ecosystem is. professional advice is necessary to guide the investment according to your objectives and budget. The conclusion. without a doubt. is that when the purchasing process changes. companies must modify their sales processes. The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is today a reality. it is part of the way in which users reach the purchase decision. but there are many SMEs that are not yet available to the large number of buyers who seek information before to make such a decision.

Which translates into a lower probability of sales… something clearly undesirable. When talking about managerial skills. one usually thinks of leadership and decision making. However. there is a very important area that managers must take into account and it has to do with the skills necessary to face the web successfully. Nowadays. most businesses move through the Internet. So if you don’t develop some skills. you may miss out on opportunities. Keep in mind 7 essential skills when running your company 1. Good data analysis Information is essential before making any decision. but more relevant is being able to analyze and understand the different data and metrics to align your strategies.

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Adjust processes and achieve goals. Remember that Vietnam whatsapp number list statistics can shed light on the most important products or services of your company. the hours of greatest traffic. the days of the week with the greatest interest in your products or increased sales. as well as the days of least movement and the most searched words or topics. The analysis and reading of this and other data will allow you to have a clearer guide on your path to success. in addition to helping you to know your audience. needs and consumption habits. 2. Content curation If data analysis is important. it is much more important to select the right content: truthful content that is consistent with your company.

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The digital world has brought with it countless amounts of information. but since it can be found in large quantities. it is necessary to check its veracity. detect what works and discard what does not. Good content curation will allow you to focus on what is really relevant. capture what is useful. share it with your team and optimize valuable time. 3. Know where your company pages are hosted error-404.pngClearly you don’t have to be a systems engineer. web developer or other similar professional. or understand web programming or design. but you do have to know what platforms your pages and blogs are hosted on.

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Because tomorrow if something happens and You don’t have the support engineer to get you out of trouble. you will be prepared to answer what CMS they are in (WordPress. Blogger. Joomla. etc.) and give a light to be able to act efficiently and in a timely manner. Now. if you are concerned about these issues. It would not be a bad thing to learn to manage the content so that. If necessary. you can upload or modify the necessary information. On the other hand. if you want to dig a little into basic programming. Start by knowing a bit about HTTP/DNS (Internet connections. servers) and a bit about HTML/CSS. 4. Communication If communicating live and correctly is already a challenge. so is doing it through the web.

A good manager must have the ability to communicate any type of message in a concise. organized and understandable way. The leader must ensure that all his collaborators have clear tasks. objectives and expected results; that is. he must communicate directly and assertively. without giving rise to double interpretations. 5. Planning Another key skill to keep in mind is planning. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to plan your next day; this way you will save time and start the morning with clear ideas and activities. A good strategy is to prioritize tasks and develop the most relevant ones first. While taking advantage of the intervals to advance pending tasks or delayed work (if any).

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