The Language of Science Arantxa -Iraq Email List | July 27 2020 Isaac Newton’s naturalis principia was written in Latin, the first paper introducing Albert Einstein’s theory of molecular interaction was published in German in Annalen der Iraq Email List , and Marie Curie’s work was initially published in French ( La radiologie et la guerre, Propiétés magétiques des aciers … ). Although, today, the largest volume of scientific papers are published in Iraq Email List English. But why is this language considered the language of science? Why is it so relevant for a non-native author to publish their research in English? Previously, the issue has been deepened, determining that the adoption of this de facto language in scientific production has provided the community with a means of access to Iraq Email List the extensive universal literature.

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One study already determined that of the work published in Scopus was completely available in English, and that, additionally, the rest of the works had the title and abstract in this language ( van-Iraq Email List , 2012 ). But this was not always so. The fact that science today accesses and makes an effort to publish in English is due to a series of events that have occurred since the 15th century. Indeed, Iraq Email List (2015) pointed out that the first scientists to adopt the dissemination model that we know today presented their studies in two formats: 1) Conversations and discussions of the work in their mother tongue; and 2) Iraq Email List Outreach geographic diffusion in Latin. As science progressed, so did the way in which the findings spread, making it difficult in many cases to understand knowledge.

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It was not until the early 19th century that French, English and German Iraq Email List began to consolidate. Thus, in the second half of the 20th century, only English remained the dominant language, while the United States reinforced its authority in the world. Given the power of Iraq Email List English today, it is essential for the author to devote intellectual (and in many cases, financial) effort to participation in international scientific endeavors, publishing their progress in English. Accessing the universal scientific literature will add greater value to the theoretical foundation, in the same way that publishing in this lingua franca will improve the Iraq Email List visibility of studies and, therefore, their impact. In this context,

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