the entire editorial process, offering a friendly and Morocco Phone Number List accessible format, allows the magazine to be known and become relevant. For all these reasons, it is very important to facilitate more reading modes. Comunicar has opted for the versatility Morocco Phone Number List offered by emerging technologies and their digitization, both in terms of publishing and dissemination. In this way, the adjustment of the formats in line with the new modes of reading and communication provided by the web, the incorporation of the Morocco Phone Number List platform for editorial management and the dissemination process through the strategic Morocco Phone Number List use of social networks has been promoted. . The presentation and layout of the contents is

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facilitated in multiple digital formats (Morocco Phone Number List , issue, preprint and print formats), in addition to being printed on paper. They are intended to facilitate access and options for reading, dissemination and dissemination. From this perspective, Morocco Phone Number List provide a resizable open source format to read texts and images, and in the latest version also audio, adapting to different screens and multiple devices that allow digital reading: computers, tablets, telephones, game consoles, or e-book readers. Morocco Phone Number List The dynamic pdfs and Issuu, both for the full issue and for each article, offer the possibility of reading the different texts with a real and customizable appearance as if it were the magazine itself. Morocco Phone Number List

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Finally, the anticipated version of the printing of the articles Morocco Phone Number List already accepted, which are going to be published, both in Spanish and in English in the « Preprint » format , with their assigned DOI, streamlines the interaction and dissemination of the texts. The digital format benefits Morocco Phone Number List that the work of the authors acquires relevance. For this reason, it is important that the editors of the journals assume the need to incorporate procedures to improve and enhance the presentation, reading and dissemination of the texts that are published in them.In a previous post we reflected on the characteristics Morocco Phone Number List and advantages of using reference managers in research, without specifying any.

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