data provided in the article. In case of multilevel data, the Russian Federation Email List statistics for each level must be presented. Here is an example taken from 62: ej1 Furthermore, the Russian Federation Email List manual specifies that, if descriptive statistics are presented in a table or figure, they should not be repeated in the text, although reference should be made to the table where the statistics are. In some cases it can be Russian Federation Email List emphasized in particular data that can help to interpret the results, especially relevant aspects within these. When reporting confidence intervals, use the format: “95% CI Lower Limit, Upper Limit]”. Each confidence interval report must Russian Federation Email List state the confidence level. Although, when these are repeated in the same paragraph and the confidence level.

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does not change and it is clear, do not repeat respectively In this very section of the manual, there is section Russian Federation Email List dedicated to statistical symbols and abbreviations (Statistical Symbols and Abbreviations), where you can find a fairly exhaustive list of all the abbreviations Russian Federation Email List and symbols most used in the treatment and reporting of statistical data. with a deepening of those most used in research in the area of ​​psychology, but being so extensive it is very difficult not to find the most commonly used Russian Federation Email List abbreviations and symbols. In this way, I have covered the most important recommendations that are.

Russian Federation Email List

described in the manual, although I recommend reading and deepening them for greater clarity and precision, since aspects such as spacing, alignment and punctuation Russian Federation Email List are also addressed which we will deal with in a future post. Eight reasons why articles are accepted (or not accepted) Angel Hernando | March /escuela-de-autores-123 There is never a single reason for Russian Federation Email List an article to be accepted (or not accepted) for publication in a scientific journal, the reality is that for this circumstance to occur, several reasons have to be concatenated, among which are these eight. more Russian Federation Email List of the reasons for publication is that the manuscript deals

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