Teads, the global media platform, has collaborated with Dentsu global in the study “The Attention Economy”, which shows that quality editors generate greater engagement than social networks. The results are a step forward for advertisers who want to use Attention as a metric to plan, buy and measure media effectiveness.

Attention Data Was Collected from Observing a Panel

Attention data was collected from observing a panel of 3,005 users in the UK and US , who browsed through publishers how to find mobile number name in India powered by Teads. At the same time. A laboratory study was carried out to measure the impact of attention on branding KPIs. In which 800 users participated.

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The study shows that Attention is three times better at predicting results than Viewability since this measure alone does not correlate with the reaction of consumers to the content of a page. Some factors that improve viewability.

Quality Content from Publishers

Advertisers and agencies are looking for the best way to measure Attention. The latest publication of the Dentsu study has identified four key factors:

In view time. Visible time is one of the most important drivers of Attention. Quality content from publishers powered by Teads engages users, with slow browsing speed and an average of 12.2s in-view time; which in turn generates twice as much attention as other environments such as social networks.
Free Choice. Although forced ads gain raw attention, unforced ads significantly impact brand metrics. And much faster than forced formats.

Creativity. The aim was to measure its impact within the framework of the Attention Economy. Creativity turned out to be by far the biggest driver of Attention. The difference between good and bad creativity can influence recall by 17%. The study showed that ads optimized for the Teads platform gained 49% more Attention than the original non-optimized piece.

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