The reason that this year’s study focuses on the pharmacy sector is the detection of the rapid acceleration of the global pharmaceutical industry in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis. Carrying out 80 user tests and interviews have allowed us to discover the complexity of this digital experience.

Para pharmacy Computer

More images and technical information on product details or composition are missing to be able to compare. Customers do not find tools on the page to resolve their doubts about the products. Search engines work satisfactorily, but there is room for improvement. Users find the filters and navigation of promotions unhelpful and relevant. Product new zealand cell phone number search pages are generally perceived as cluttered and unreadable. One of them is the fact of including the scores that users give to the products in the distributor pages and product listings.

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The Quantitative Information Obtained in The Surveys

On the other hand, the quantitative information obtained in the surveys and the exploration of the user’s journey, allow us to establish patterns of behavior and purchase criteria . Highlighting the discovery of the involvement of Google Shopping in the online consultation process also in this sector.

The completion of this project reveals how electronic commerce has undergone a revolution in recent months. The methodological research applied in the study allows us to conclude. That the digital experience in the pharmacy. With these sectoral studies, Flat 101 demonstrates its commitment to improving digital products by publicly offering data on the state of usability in the online pharmacy and parapharmacy sector.

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