The ARI Magazines association has shared its latest monthly report ‘ARI 360º’. This offers detailed information on the audience. The influence of the sector based on the reach of its associates (98% of the total consumption audience).

The main conclusion of the same is positive, since 244,785,195 contacts have been achieved in the month of March 2021. This figure represents 6.2% more than in December 2020 and 9.3% more than in March 2020. same year. If great growth was already experienced during this period, the data obtained this last month only confirms the growing trend of this industry .

The Increase in The Multiplatform

Audience of magazines stood out above all. Cumulative comScore users have grown 14.2% compared to December. In addition, six USA B2B list magazines exceed five million unique users and thirteen have more than three million unique monthly.

USA Email List

The success of magazines on various platforms, according to the ARI report
If we look at social networks, where they are most successful is on Facebook. In total, the number of “likes” they have accumulated amounts to 47,179,342. While the number of followers on Twitter would be 25,588,327. In the case of Instagram, the figure is a little lower, with 15,811,949, and the same thing happens on YouTube, with 3,130,990 subscribers.

Cosmopolitan, El Jueves, Elle, El Mueble, Fotogramas, Glamour, Historia National Geographic, Marie Claire, Muy Interesante, Telva, Viajar and Vogue are some of those that have the greatest impact on the different Social Media . You can check all the data more in depth here .

As for comScore, Hola takes the cake with 13,635,942 unique users in March. It is followed by Readings with 8,654,626, Week with 6,793,267, Ten Minutes with 6,728,901 and Telva, with 5,161,828. In summary, the ‘Ari 360º’ report underlines that the reach and ability to generate influence of magazines have reached their maximum due to their presence on multiple platforms.

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