In general, it can be said that the use of this type of tool is recommended to contrast the positioning of the web in the Google search engine. In addition, Google webmaster tools are defined as those that manage search engine performance and among them is Google Search Console, the tool that hosts all SEO data . With it, the technological giant indicates how a certain website appears in its search engine and offers different options for analysis and improvement of the classification:

Search Analytics: Within Search Console

There is a Search Analytics option to track user queries across the web and the pages that appear in their searches. This information is used to classify the brand keywords and those relevant to the business, as well as to find new all whatsapp number list content ideas and better position the web.

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Links to the website: This option is commonly known as backlinks. They help to know which domains link to your website. Their content and what anchor text they use. The latter is a clue for Google spiders to have a broader context of the content. So linking with “click here” has no SEO value for your website.

Test Tools: Ideal for SEOs with More Technical Profiles to Delve Into Them

Here we find different options, such as the “Structured Data Testing Tool”. The “Structured Data Markup Helper”. Which refers to adding some type of markup to a web page. In order to provide additional details on the web page. Around the page, content to make search appear with rich snippets, rich cards, carousels, and more. Security issues – Google is alert to any issues you may have related to security. Search Console can then get a security check, and if you ever think your site has been hacked or there is a cybersecurity issue, you can use this page to get a second opinion.

HTML improvements: If you’re looking to fix a page that’s been around for years on the internet. It’s best to start with meta descriptions and title tags. Search Console also provides information on areas to improve and which specific pages need to be improved. Crawl errors : This option uses the crawl errors section of the tool to decipher those server errors or 404 errors. These types of incidents affect the user experience and, therefore, the SEO. Google’s goal is for its users to obtain fast, relevant and accurate results. So if they arrive at a landing where “Page not found” appears. We are facing a serious error for the search engine.

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