the way in which the data will be collected and the depth of the data. Nepal Email List In this sense, the decision of the methods, materials and techniques will affect the fulfillment of the proposed objectives, the emerging results and the conclusions that can be reached. However, this Nepal Email List choice does not always depend on the simple will of the researcher, but on its possibilities and limitations, for example: Are there the resources (economic, human, technical …) to carry out a descriptive study Nepal Email List with a sufficient sample to infer the phenomenon in an entire population? Is the researcher allowed to converse with the Nepal Email List people who are part of the group to be studied? Do you have the capacity (knowledge, time, software …)

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to apply innovative data analysis techniques, such as big data processing , Nepal Email List sentiment analysis, predictive models and simulations? Beyond a matter of “preferences”, Nepal Email List the choice of a research method or techniques should be based on the statement of objectives, understanding that they are proposed in terms of expanding pre-existing knowledge about a problem or Nepal Email List recognizing new ones phenomena that, inevitably, must result in a significant contribution to the field of study or discipline. There are many guides, manuals and reference texts that explain in detail the research scopes (exploratory, Nepal Email List descriptive, correlational, explanatory and predictive), the research designs (quantitative,

Nepal Email List

qualitative and mixed) and the types of research (experimental, quasi-related). experimental, field and documentary), each of them with their own techniques, specific Nepal Email List materials and with a distinctive utility based on their outflows . Some of this was discussed in this post from the School of Authors of the Magazine. Here are some keys to choosing the right research Nepal Email List method: Don’t forget that “reading” is the first task . 1. Define the research objectives, research questions and hypotheses: This is achieved by knowing the topic to be investigated, taking into account the antecedents, the methods that have already been applied in other studies and the research prospects that have been Nepal Email List proposed as opportunities.

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