The magazine indicates in its regulations that 8 keywords or descriptors must be included in the article Kenya WhatsApp Number List for which it is advisable to use those that most of interest from those collected in previously published articles. To end this post, it should be remembered that once our article is published, keywords Kenya WhatsApp Number List also play a relevant role in dissemination through the main scientific networks , which we have previously referred to in whose section “Research Interests” and Kenya WhatsApp Number List Gate in the “Topics” section, offer a list of terms that we can select, whether or not they coincide with the keywords in our article, trying to find the greatest possible impact.

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The School of Authors of Communicating insists on the Kenya WhatsApp Number List importance of the keywords that we select in each article, since they identify us as researchers, present our interests to other scholars and define the quality and coherence of our research trajectory. Kenya WhatsApp Number List is an academic social network that was born in September 2008 as a space for researchers to share their work and thus Kenya WhatsApp Number List maximize their visibility, while making it possible to access statistics on downloads and readings with graphs and maps that allow to know more in depth the interests and impacts that the published scientific products have generated. At the beginning of Kenya WhatsApp Number List ,

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this social network had 36 million registered users, Kenya WhatsApp Number List although the number of published texts has not yet reached 10 million. Undoubtedly, this makes the scientific social network with the highest traffic – ranking 654 in the Alexa ranking – although it can also be inferred from the member-product difference that not all users are “active”, that many of these Kenya WhatsApp Number List accounts belong to students or casual readers or that many users do not publish their research on the platform. Although this website has not been without criticism, especially when in December 2016 it decided to offer a premium service for Kenya WhatsApp Number List researchers interested in accessing better metrics such as reports from readers with full identification, mentions in other non-scientific spaces (media communication,

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