As expected, the cookieless universe entered the debate to address the issue of loyalty without third-party cookies. And although the paradigm is uncertain and professional. In general, are terrified of what may happen in 2022, Guix remains calm. We are carrying out a good strategy, because what is yours gives you information. That you are capable of handling, on the other hand, if it is from third parties. You have the problem of being left with nothing, as is what is happening now».

This strategy does not seem to be unique, since the Gana Energía representative also has a similar strategy: « We speak directly with the client, so our data is our own «. In fact, in this context, Susana Martín has shared a new approach, and that is that although for large companies capable of generating data this environment does not affect them, those who will suffer especially will be startups.

The Trust of Our Client, as Fernández Indicates

This is achieved, according to Martín, with a solid company and a specific DNA: ” Only in this way, if a client is aligned with the brand values, will he be able to prescribe “. Context to which Peña adds the surprise factor to the experience. “We are so shocked that we have to be excellent.” Meanwhile, Villar believes Honduras B2B list that ” recruitment is useful because that AI provides detailed and efficient segmentation .”

Email Database

Peña responds to this argument with the idea that “ we have to remove barriers and walls. We do not have to take recruitment as a milestone or a turning point. From there, the game that makes sense of marketing automation begins.” Guix also shared her opinion by transferring the debate to the platforms, since, for her, the magic lies in combining on and off « because if you don’t, you don’t have the right communication» .

The Debate Ended at This Point

In which those present shared a final sentence that summarizes what marketing automation is for them:

Carlos Peña : «It is important not to become obsessed with having a complete vision of everything. Having more modest goals, being able to achieve them and start walking». Mercedes Villar: «It consists of making the client fall in love. But for that you have to know what he likes, what he wants and what he wants».

Susana Martín : «More authentic companies, value proposals and obsession with the client».
Nuria Guix : «This is a process that never ends. Don’t expect to end up just implementing, because what you have to do is analyze. And learn what happens to automate as much of the process as you can and improve that customer experience.”

Carlos Fernández : «A little pleases and a lot tires. What is timely, what is accurate, is important in its proper measure and Smart must be truly Smart. Automation is fundamental, a great opportunity.”

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