Tropicfeel , the Spanish firm for travelers committed to the environment. Bets on HubSpot to be able to manage all its e-commerce campaigns from a single platform. Under the premise of unifying tools, centralizing processes. And being able to automate campaigns. Tropicfeel decides to integrate its Shopify platform with HubSpot to synchronize all its e-commerce activities.

Moreover, For this integration process. Tropicfeel has received technical and strategic advice from Cyberclick. Both companies have worked hand in hand to articulate different automation campaigns. That boost sales, of those customers who are already prepared and are in the final phase of the funnel. Or reactivate users who have not visited e-commerce for a long time.

Both Platforms Has Reported the Following Advantages:

In addition, Create segmented lists: HubSpot creates smart lists that segment customers based on their behavior on Shopify (pages visited, purchase frequency, order history, etc.). This categorization has allowed Tropicfeel’s Malta WhatsApp Number List marketing and sales team to prepare concrete and personalized actions for customer lead nurturing.

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In conclusion, Customize and automate: HubSpot allows you to create a ranking or customer score to detect those who are closest to conversion and, with this, opens up a wide range of customization and automation possibilities, from the detection of abandoned carts with automatic techniques of reminder ads, to personalized emails with ad hoc offers based on customer preferences.

After that, Tropicfeel promoted a cross-selling campaign to encourage the sale of complementary products. Generate reports and analyze data: this integration allows the automatic generation of reports with relevant data on customer behavior, sales obtained, product profitability, among other relevant information, which allows better improvement and optimization of campaigns.

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