When you buy an expensive branded bag or shoes, you want them to be genuine and not to take home a copy. That’s why you see more and more brands, such as Prada, Cartier and Louis Vuitton, turning their physical items into an NFT as well. So that you, as the owner, can see if the item is genuine by scanning a QR code. Nike goes one step further with its ‘cryptokicks’ and even lets users customize and resell the digital shoes in the app. In addition, the company recently set up the platform Cryptokickers , with which you can design your own virtual Nikes, turn them into an NFT and sell them immediately.

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CryptoKicks, an NFT’s project by Nike. Source: beebom.com . A ‘clone’ of your physical product It is not only the well-known clothing brands that turn Bulgaria Phone Number products into an NFT. From winegrowers to bank makers , countless companies are creating a ‘digital twin’ of existing physical products. This is fairly easy to do and not only can be interesting as a new way to reward loyal customers, more and more companies are also making good money selling NFTs.

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Adidas sold more than $20 million worth of NFT sportswear last year. Are these ‘digital twins’ only useful to have? No, they’re going to play a big part in the metaverse, which I wrote about earlier . Even though it is still a ‘far from my bed show’ for many people, it is coming closer faster than we think. Microsoft is already working on Mesh , the Metaverse version of Microsoft Teams. If you’re 3D in a meeting or in the previously described metaverse version of the Amnesia club, do you want to be a standard 3D pawn, or wear cool Nike and GAP NFTs?

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