and expanded the entire database. Until now, Web of Science Australian Email Address kept the journals of excellence segmented and separated in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) with respect to other bases such as Arts and Humanities (A&H), or Emerging journals (ESCI), which did not have a factor of measured and official impact. Of the 11,800 journals that the classic Australian Email Address JCR incorporated until 2019, we now find a sum of 20,932 publications (07-01-2021), in which ESCI and A&H are integrated. This supposes not only a quantitative change (almost doubles the JCR in one year), but also a qualitative one, since from now on JCR is no longer JCR, an exclusive symbol of excellence, but rather integrally houses Australian Email Address magazines that until now now they were out because they were valued as of secondary rank (ESCI:

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with measured quality, but little impact, according to Australian Email Address ), or with little set of citations in their areas (A&H). This is an important step, and perhaps a necessary one, as Scopus has done for years: to bring together all scientific journals at the international level in a comprehensive database (let’s not forget that even so JCR only covers half of the Scopus database, which currently indexes Australian Email Address journals). From now on, the ESCI and A&H journals are within the Journal Citation Reports, which encompasses all the databases, but with a substantial difference: there are two measurement indices that mark the distinction, the JIF and the JCI. The old JCRs Australian Email Address (which are now distinguished by.

Australian Email Address

being in the SCI = Sciences Citation Index Edition, or in the SSCI Australian Email Address Social Sciences Citation Index) continue to have their own impact factor, the now classic and prestigious JIF (Journal Impact Factor), reserved again for the excellence club and in which the rest of the magazines do not apply (n / a). The ESCI and A&H edition and category journals are not Australian Email Address only integrated, but are indexed and measured with a new factor, the JCI (Journal Citation Indicator), which is also shared with the classic JCR journals, which will have both impact factors. It’s a major change, but in substance everything remains the Australian Email Address same. Now the classic JCR are the JCR-JIF that remain practically the same.

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