there are various indicators and criteria that support their scientific qualities. Among the most important we find: Quality criteria Source: Finland Phone Number List Magazine (Quality Criteria) Impact and prestige: A journal obtains the highest score in this criterion when it is positioned within the most important quality indices for the scientific community ( Journal Finland Phone Number List Citation Reports and Scopus ). However, there are other stamps or indexes that guarantee a lesser impact but are in the process of obtaining it, Finland Phone Number List such as the FECYT, ERIH + seal of Excellence or the Emerging Citation Source Index. Visibility and access: Visibility refers to the ease of finding and reading a published article, while access refers to the Finland Phone Number List journal’s dissemination policy (open access, restricted access, paid access, etc.).

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To increase visibility, journals -like Finland Phone Number List – publish in various language versions , make an effort in Academic SEO, publish in various interoperability formats (PDF, Finland Phone Number List , Isuu, HTML, XML), disseminate the preprint version of the articles and they are active on academic ( , ResearchGate , Mendeley) and general (Facebook, Twitter, Finland Phone Number List ) social networks . Punctuality and seriousness: Perhaps one of the most important points of scientific publications is punctuality and its rigor in review times. Scientific publications are nothing without the authors and reviewers who Finland Phone Number List trust them, ergo it is not trivial to meet at least a reasonable time to issue a report

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on the article. In this case, the Finland Phone Number List Magazine maintains a code of honor in evaluating an article within a maximum period of 100 days and 30 days to issue the estimate or prior rejection of the article (due to non-compliance with formal requirements or tFinland Phone Number List hematic line). Rigor of the process: All processes of quality scientific journals must be auditable and transparent. In this sense, the publications must have expert scientific reviewers on the subject of specialization and avoid inbreeding at Finland Phone Number List all costs. Ethics and commitment: The Editorial Board of a publication, as well as its Scientific

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