with their respective calls to authors on different topics, for this it is convenient to Malta Email List be registered on the web and follow up the calls of the magazines from our field that may be the subject of our shipments. It is also important to remember the importance of checking some of the articles published by the journal, this will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the format, languages ​​in Malta Email List which it publishes, structure of the works, methodologies used, etc. in addition to guaranteeing that relevant works on the subject of our research, which have been previously published in the journal, cannot be overlooked. In short, Malta Email List insist on the idea of ​​having selected the possible journals in which we can publish our research,

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read manuscripts from these journals, be registered in their alert systems and follow Malta Email List what is published in them. Of course, it is essential to take into account where the journal is indexed and its impact factor (its importance depends, in many cases, on the need we have to advance in our academic career or obtain six-year terms since each specialty has its requirements) . Malta Email List We have to get our work published in the best possible place, but, although we recommend being optimistic when choosing, we must also be realistic. The quality of our research and the fact that it is local or international, we must take them into Malta Email List account when “aiming” higher or lower since, obviously,

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all the research we carry out does not have the same quality and design. It is Malta Email List also necessary to check the quartile in which the journal is located and, especially, if it is in the fourth quartile. Even if we select a journal based on the Impact Factor, we must take into account its evolution. For example, if we send the work in 2020 it will probably be published in Malta Email List , so the Impact Factor can vary, either up or down. Our advice is to avoid magazines with negative trends. Another aspect that we have to control about the magazine is that it has the times published on its website, that is, the existence of a Malta Email List period of estimation / rejection, acceptance / rejection. If the journal does not publish them,

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