the scientificity of what is published, and the ethical guarantee of the commitments Algeria Mobile Number List of the authors, reviewers and editors. The committees or boards of reviewers made up of experts of recognized prestige in each field, from different universities and with an international presence. This guarantees a peer review from professionalism and Algeria Mobile Number List scientific experience, eliminating endogamous practices, which translates into personalized responses with academic, scientific and objective criteria, whether the work is accepted or rejected. Punctuality in the different phases of publication. Acceptance or rejection within the Algeria Mobile Number List stipulated and published times by the editorial

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team is another key to the editorial quality of a magazine. It is fundamental as a norm Algeria Mobile Number List of respect towards the work that is sent and towards the person or persons who sign it. Along with this, logically, meeting the publication and Algeria Mobile Number List dissemination dates is another of the parameters that is most evaluated in terms of the good work of a magazine. clock The impact and prestige . The evaluation processes that are followed in the scientific community have Algeria Mobile Number List highlighted the dimension of the impact of the publications. Algeria Mobile Number List For this reason, journals strive to be

Algeria Mobile Number List

indexed and this depends to a large extent on their good editorial Algeria Mobile Number List practices, as well as on the scientific validity of the works, their dissemination, and their visibility. In this way authors and editors are needed. Hence, a good editorial Algeria Mobile Number List policy takes into account the relevance, progress and originality in the results and contributions of the texts that reach them. Comunicar is aware of the importance of editorial quality, Algeria Mobile Number List fulfilling a series of indicators : Impact and prestige, visibility and access, punctuality and seriousness, rigor of the process, ethics and commitment, editorial Algeria Mobile Number List management,

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