Comunicar is present in 650 databases, grouped into the following categories: Greece Phone Number List Selective international databases Journal evaluation platforms Selective Directories Selective newspaper libraries Specialized portals Open Access scientific literature search engines Library catalogs Social networks University library catalogs As can be seen, there are different databases in which a journal can be indexed, and in this sense, they can be categorized in Greece Phone Number List order of relevance. In this way, we can consider as the most important and prestigious databases those that index journals taking into account different variables related to the impact of the journal, for which they are given a relative Greece Phone Number List quality

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index within the set of journals of the same category. A clear example of these Greece Phone Number List databases are Scopus or the Web of Science. Other databases take into account the editorial value of the journal, such as Latindex, which establishes a series of criteria to be met, linked to the editorial quality of the journals, and not to the impact of the articles Greece Phone Number List published. Others take into account the criteria of experts in the scientific field to which the journal is linked. Therefore, prestigious scientific journals are recognized for their location in Greece Phone Number List databases, which represents an effort to constantly update the.

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editorial teams, which, in turn, affects the visibility of each of the articles published. . Greece Phone Number List For this reason, authors should spend Greece Phone Number List time looking for this information in each journal to which they wish to send their articles. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr Whatsapp Reddit Viber Messenger Print Email Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Comments are Greece Phone Number List One of the main objectives that every researcher must bear in mind when publishing their research is to make it visible. It will be useless to be excellent in academic and scientific contributions if we Greece Phone Number List are

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