Crisis communication is a profession in its own right. Those who are well prepared for crisis communication will often be able to manage things well if something goes wrong. But sometimes things go wrong. For example due to lack of experience. You will learn from these bloopers and successes in crisis communication over the past year how not to and especially how to approach it. microphones crisis communication 2021 7. Instagram Trends in 2022: Video, Shopping & the Metaverse Instagram (or actually parent company Meta) has had a busy year. It was hard to keep up with the number of new features.

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For example, Stories, Reels and Shopping were expanded considerably. And the metaverse was still being worked on. Kirsten Jassies summarizes the latest Japan Phone Number in this article and looks ahead to the Instagram trends for 2022. Instagram account on smartphone 8. 10 Social Media Tools to Try in 2022 Goodbye chaos and hello overview! Are you looking for a social media tool for the new year to efficiently manage all your social media channels in one place? Then there are many different options to choose from.

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Free, or for a fee. This list makes choosing a tool a little easier. social media 9. Attention B2B marketers: these will be the trends for 2022 There is more focus on data, recruiting people is becoming more difficult and we are using more and more tools that are (finally) integrated. These are the 5 trends in B2B marketing you can expect in 2022. Image accompanying article on trends for B2B marketers. 10. This is how you make infographics in no time: 8 handy tools Well, visual content is a must on many platforms . And with infographics you tell a whole story in one image. Useful! But how do you do that? With these (largely free) tools you can also create an infographic.

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