On “I think the marketing teams got a little excited. but we are going to work to continue maintaining the commercial relationship and be. aesthetically speaking. more visual”. this is how Amaury Vergara . Executive Vice President of Guadalajara. reacted in relation to the exhibition of the consumer products that have alliance with the team during the last press conference. On Sunday night. José Saturnino Cardozo explained the reasons for the defeat of the rojiblanco team at the hands of Santos by a score of two goals against one at home; However. what surprised both the sports press. the fans and even those who are not. would be to see around the figure of the Paraguayan strategist two cans of Coca Cola . two milk cans of Sello Rojo as well as two bags Gravita granola .

Vergara pointed out. “it is something that should not be done like this. I have already instructed the general management to make a new strategy because I think the way in which it was presented is not well seen”. Beyond the wave of criticism and memes that were generated by users on social networks. the embarrassment that the coach experienced. in addition to the fact that the reputation of the brands involved was impacted derived. in the first instance. from the bad moment that lives the team. in addition to the way to promote them. Recognizing the error of the strategy and publicly announcing the rethinking of it will help to improve the business relationship with its sponsors. in addition to better planning a campaign to promote them.

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This is not the only recognition or failure of a Algeria whatsapp number list implementation. Hersery’s presented its campaign was described as classist. because on Instagram. through photographs. people who are in a situation of economic and social advantage were used. for which the firm apologized for the criticism. One brand devised refrigerators locked with chains and padlocks until there is a team win in the NFL regular season. Beer is an important part of daily consumption among a large percentage of people in the world. So promoting “free beers” as an advertising strategy is effective. Only Mexico. according to the Chamber of Brewers of Mexico. at a global level. ranks sixth in consumption and second within Latin America . That is why the promotion of a place in Tijuana. Baja California. where they promised “free chelas” if Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) won. drew attention.

Algeria whatsapp number list

Now. this strategy will be developed by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL . Who after the last two seasons. the team has lost 31 of its 32 games. So they want the first win in this regular season to be celebrated with everything. The brand that takes advantage of the losing streak of the Browns is Bud Light. Which devised refrigerators closed with chains and padlocks until there is a victory for the team. As a marketing strategy promoted by the squad on its official social networks. A WiFi-connected electromagnetic smart lock sits behind the back of the fridge. To release and release the chain when given a signal should the Browns win a game. For its part. the official Bud Light Twitter account posted an optimistic post about the team getting a win: “Browns fans. these coolers are opening this year.

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We know. You know it. #LetsGoBrownies” Two of the coolers will be placed inside the Browns’ FirstEnergy. Stadium and another 10 will appear in more than 21 locations around the city. It’s worth mentioning that the Browns won their first preseason game against. The New York Giants last week and that the Browns’ opening game of the regular season. The first opportunity to unlock the coolers – will be against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9. . A Twitter post caused Club Pachuca supporters to criticize their team’s performances. As well as annoy them for questioning the sentiment of the fans. The Mexican soccer league is in its initial stage. There have been four days so far in which the teams lower part of the table as well as Pachuca.

In such a way that the bad moment of the Hidalgo team. Has generated discomfort in the fans since it is one of the squads that have. Been among the most successful in recent years. In addition to the fact that it is the only Mexican club that has won. A tournament of the southern cone (Copa Sudamericana 2006). Therefore. the team’s CM made a publication in which he requested the support of his fans. In which he “asks” those who do not cheer in bad times. not to be in good times either. Something that was not well receive by the follower of the tuzos. What’s the song say. Although it did not reach a virality that became a trend. It did generate reactions between.

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