and the discrimination criteria (by year, subject, type of document) and Boolean algorithms . This will allow us to review emerging research, read their summaries, and map the state of the Palestine Email List question . This “mapping” of the scientific literature will allow us to discover the various epistemological positions and debates that the object of research has had over time, the disciplines from which the Palestine Email List subject has been treated, the types, designs and most common research scopes that have been used to research it and the latest trends . It is here, once this exercise has been carried out, when a researcher could be Palestine Email List ready to carry out the research approach. Writing the literature review The

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literature review can be called in different ways: state of the art, state of the Palestine Email List art, research background …, but they all mean the same thing in practice: explaining to the reader the subject, its implications, its scientific discussions and, especially, the most significant advances. The literature review is the theoretical foundation of the research , which will allow to support the Palestine Email List results obtained and discuss coincidences and / or disagreements in the discussion section, but above all to demonstrate that the research that arises is an effective scientific contribution, that is, that contributes new elements to understand Palestine Email List and interpret a reality. Although there are subjects that can be very local

Palestine Email List

or regional (such as flamenco studies, or Inca architecture), most Palestine Email List of the subjects of the Social Sciences tend to be of global interest . In this sense, a good writing of literature is based on three pillars: suitability, timeliness, . and sufficiency Suitability: It is about the relevance and Palestine Email List relationship that the studies cited have with the objectives of the research. If a study seeks to analyze the impact that the use of gamification has on adolescents in special education and the review of the literature only talks about the concepts, characteristics and importance of gamification, it will not be possible, Palestine Email List once the results are obtained, to generate a discussion of height that advance on the

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