WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows us to create and maintain a website. It has a great experience and has a multitude of templates and plugins that increase the level of customization. Like all CMS, they have a series of parameters related to the security of the site.

These parameters are not sufficiently secure in their default state and must be modified in order to prevent any type of computer attack . Iván San Román , web developer at Flat 101, details 8 sections that, in the team, they take care of and take into account to have the best web pages and, above all, the safest ones .

Change the Administrator User that Comes by Default

During the WordPress installation process you must decide on the username. This user will be granted all permissions by default, that is why you will have to take special care when choosing it. Initially, you are offered a default user that you should not use. For greater security, you have to choose your own username and german telephone numbers course it is not generic (admin, Admin, root, user).

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A name model to use on your website is the name of your company + the last 4 digits of the CIF (for example FLAT101_1234). Most people have difficulty remembering all the passwords that must be present on a day-to-day basis. That is why they use passwords as simple as “123456” or “0000”. These passwords are easy to remember, but they are also easy to guess.

Change Admin Panel URL

This represents a great risk for the security of our sites. Therefore, from Flat 101 we recommend that you configure your password with special characters, an extension of between 8 and 12 characters, alphanumeric values ​​and upper and lower case used in an alternative way. This will be very useful in creating a strong password that is difficult to hack. A measure that almost nobody uses is to change the address to access the administration panel. By default, WordPress has the well-known URL made up of the hosting/wp-admin address.

In case of modifying this address we will ensure that, if they try to access our website -either. Through bots or by trying different addresses- it will be almost impossible for them to find the correct address. This will be a significant improvement in the security of the site. This makes it difficult for malicious software to enter the WordPress dashboard.

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