The big problem with the statistics of visits and the identification of readers is that in users like me who have several academic profiles (ResearchGate, Google Scholar Belize Phone Numbers List Profile, Institutional Profile) and personal web, is only a sample of the total visits , so it is Belize Phone Numbers List incomplete in relation to the whole. – Personal Web Space . Academia offers a personal website, independent of the institution into four sections: Belize Phone Numbers List Home, Research, Curriculum and Contact . In the first section there is a brief summary of the users as well as one of the topics Belize Phone Numbers List of specialization of the user and their professional affiliation.

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Then there is a section where all the scientific production uploaded to the platform is shown. In the CV section, the curriculum in PDF that the author has previously uploaded is Belize Phone Numbers List downloaded and the contact sheet is a service that allows you to send messages using the Academia platform as an intermediary. Fig 4. Capture of my Personal Web in Although personally I am not Belize Phone Numbers List going to continue with the service, especially because so much information requires time and dedication for consultation and analysis and also, to a large extent, this information is redundant with the visit statistics generated by my personal page. I would recommend this service to those who still do not have a Belize Phone Numbers List personal website,

Belize Phone Numbers List

since the cost is similar to that of hosting and an annual domain, and the service offers great control over visitors in a very simple way. When Thomson Reuters (currently Belize Phone Numbers List Analytics) launched its new ESCI product at the end of 2015, a database with “emerging” journals (Emerging Sciences Citation Index) revolutionized the classic Belize Phone Numbers List (Web of Science) portal, the most prestigious in the world. world in scientific journals of high international prestige, with the entry of a large number of journals from all geographies, areas of knowledge and even languages. The little more than Belize Phone Numbers List journals classified in JCR (Journal Citation Reports),

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