Creating passwords is a tedious process, especially since many times we end up putting the same one in all our accounts or a very similar one so as not to forget it. This little vision can lead to theft, impersonation and leaks, which is why World Password Day , celebrated on May 6, aims to raise awareness about the importance of having secure passwords.

The data from the comparator Acierto indicates that we do not know how to protect our personal information. Thus, up to 89% of those surveyed by the platform do not know how to create secure passwords. Among the most common errors we find the use of personal data or obvious words, simplicity or not combining letters and numbers.

How to Create a Strong Password?

On the other hand, more than half use the same key for different services. We even observe that 13% use only one for all. It is also Lithuania B2B list common to never change them , with 4 out of 5 rarely changing them and only 20% doing so at least every six months.

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From Acierto they point out a series of tips to make our passwords an impenetrable fortress. For this, each one must be unique and random and cannot be repeated in several places. Nor should we follow a creation pattern, such as putting the name of the service plus our date of birth. You have to run away from common passwords. This means avoiding “12345”, not entering the date of birth or name and other similar practices.

Including special characters is a recommended point, although only 12% of users do so. The ideal is a combination of these, upper and lower case letters and numbers. To create it, you can use the initials of a phrase that we can remember.

The Length Is Another Aspect

That must be taken into account: the longer, the safer . You can’t miss adding a recovery email address or recovery phone number either. An alternative is security questions, but these are usually questions that anyone in our environment could easily answer. Another option is to use a password generator , a tool that will automatically form your password. If we prefer to do it ourselves, we can check if the one we have designed meets the necessary requirements.

How to manage passwords and what to do if it leaks?
It is best to use a password manager. If we enter the passwords in spreadsheets or in a text document on the desktop, we will be making it easy for attackers who access our device.

To find out if our password has been leaked, we can use websites such as haveibeenpwned or specific extensions for Chrome that warn us that this situation has occurred. In this case, it is best to change the password on the affected platform, but also on those others where we used the same password.

In any case, in general it is advisable to regularly update the equipment and the antivirus, always connect through a secure network, change the Wi-Fi password and activate the two-step authentication of the services used. With coronavirus and teleworking, cyberattacks have skyrocketed by 200% in our country.

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