Tinder seems determined to strengthen the security on its platform. And that is why the famous dating app has decided to extend its identity document verification function to all the countries. In which it operates. In this way, Tinder users can enter and validate (always voluntarily) their official documentation with the ultimate goal of reinforcing security within the application.

Document verification on Tinder has been tested in Japan since 2019. And the goal is for users to provide the app with their official identity documents to feel more secure when dating strangers.

Tinder’s Id Verification Feature Will Be Optional in Nature

This functionality will arrive in all countries where Tinder is present in the course of “the next few quarters”. In addition, the app has announced its intention to work side by side with experts to put names and surnames on the most appropriate bangladesh phone number documents in each country based on the local regulations in force there.

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Considering that document verification is a complex process, this function will be voluntary for now. Even so, the app insists that document verification will give its users greater confidence. And more control over the people with whom they decide to interact.

“We know that in many parts of the world and within traditionally marginalized communities. People may have compelling reasons why they are unable or unwilling to share their real-world identity. With an online platform,” Tracey Breeden nevertheless admits. Vice president of Social Security and Advocacy at Match Group, the parent company of Tinder.

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