It’s really cool to see how fast not only interest in NFTs is growing, but also how fast the technology is being developed. While for many people NFTs are just flat digital pictures, countless new innovations have been launched in the ecosystem in recent months, all opening up new possibilities for brands, creators and consumers. The internet has great opportunities to exchange things like information, news, music, tweets, porn and memes easily and for free. But the internet lacked the possibility to determine things such as identity, authenticity and ownership.

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which are necessary for makers, for example, to get paid (fairly) for their work. That is why I see NFTs really worrying ‘ buying is the new liking’ . 2. POABs At home I have large antlers with hundreds of event badges, from all the events I have been Lebanon Phone Number to attend. Beautiful memories, especially in a time when much was not. Most people throw away badges. Just like that after scanning a ticket (if it is not already on the phone), it also disappears in the container when you enter a festival. Soon I will be using POABs for the first time at a major event that I am organizing about NFTs.

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These Proof of Attendance Protocol are NFTs that are to participants of an event, physical or virtual. They are a kind of virtual badges that are on the blockchain. So you can prove that you have an event, physical or virtual. Also read: Web3: what will the internet of the future look like? With the POABs already released, you can see that some people like to keep as a digital. But most visitors to the event find it especially interesting to show that they have been to the event. On the one, this is to demonstrate their activity within a community. On the other hand, to get priority over ticket sales for a next event or certain benefits.

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