its star product and with the highest worldwide reputation, Benin Phone Numbers List were labeled in many forums as a highly selective, elitist and biased product towards the technological (knowledge areas), the Nordic ( geography) and Anglo-Saxon (language). It hardly competed with the almost Belize Phone Numbers List scientific journals that the competing database, emerging The “Emerging” magazines have grown Benin Phone Numbers List considerably in these two years, with more than 3,000 magazines from 50 disciplines, according to Wikipedia ( which are present in the public and official list of Belize Phone Numbers List forming one more product within the Benin Phone Numbers List Web of Science (WoS) with its works indexed for consultation and its citations measured in its articles.

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These journals constitute, together with regional databases such as Belize Phone Numbers List (Latin America), the Chinese, Russian regional base and others, the portal’s growth option and the observatory Benin Phone Numbers List for evaluating the quality and impact of future consolidated journals , both for the company as well as for researchers. clarify However, one of the most consistent criticisms that has been made of this Benin Phone Numbers List flagship product is the wide diversity of journals labeled “Emerging”, some of them highly recognized by the regional and Benin Phone Numbers List local scientific communities,

Benin Phone Numbers List


but others are very popular publications. incipient without proven BBenin Phone Numbers List editorial quality, recognition, prestige and impact on the community, enough to share this selective club. It was necessary to clarify, within this already broad package, of this “black box”, once more than two years Benin Phone Numbers Listt have passed since its implementation, to offer editors, and especially authors, information on the quality of these journals, measurements by its impact factor, applying the same computation criteria used in the Benin Phone Numbers List portal for JCR journals. Since all these journals are on the same portal, those that began their indexing already have the citation fork for their measurement. Therefore, from “Communicate”,

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