Write with quality A text must be well written and under no circumstances should it include spelling mistakes. In the case of the subject of an email, it is even more important, since a bad wording can get rejection by the user. Make lists “6 mistakes you shouldn’t make when shopping online”Is more effective than”Learn to buy online”. Readers enjoy listing, so more users will likely open your email if you list. Create mystery A title has to create intrigue, so it should never offer all the information. When a title is too complete, the user is informed and goes to another topic. Create continuity with subsequent text After the subject line, written in bold, there is a small text, the header of the email.

Your task is that this text has continuity with the headline to improve the reader’s experience. As you can see, clickbait titles are a great way to optimize your email marketing campaigns. We recommend that you use this technique to awaken the interest of the user and make a difference. He positioning in Google is one of the main objectives that a website or blog should have, since only appearing on the first page of search engine results will increase visits and with them conversions. Do you want to know how to improve your position in the ranking? Well, keep reading, we bring you some very interesting tips.

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What is the Google positioning of a Iceland whatsapp number list First of all, it is convenient to clarify what positioning is. Is he place that a web occupies within the page of results shown by Google (which is known as SERP) when a user searches for a certain keyword. The objective is to be on the first page and within it occupy the first three positions. Why? Simply because the websites that occupy these places receive more visits than the rest. Positioning SEO Y SEM: differences There is a lot of talk about SEO and SEM positioning and not everyone knows how to differentiate it. To make it clearer, keep in mind that the SEO positioning is organic, the one you get through the work you do on and off the web.

Iceland whatsapp number list

Meanwhile he SEM positioning is paid, are those ads that you see every time you do a search on Google. Tips to improve your SEO positioning 1. Optimize your website You need a page that loads quickly. For that value eliminate everything that is not really necessary and take the weight off the images, you have special plugins for it. 2. Use keywords Write about what potential visitors to your website are interested in, but don’t go crazy. Apply a system of keyword planning and develops the texts in relation to the strategy devised. 3. Create quality content Do not focus only on using keywords, try that the content has the highest quality.

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That it is well written and also interesting will improve the user experience and Google will reward you with a higher position. 4. Don’t forget the visual element Internet users do not want to read too much when they are online, so do not forget to insert a visual element such as a video or an image throughout your texts. You will make reading more enjoyable and that user spend more time on the web. 5. Increase interaction Google likes dynamic and engaging websites. Get more interaction from your visitors by enabling comments and inviting them to participate. 6. Don’t index everything Sure there is Pages on your website that you are not interested in being positioned.

Okay, so tell Google not to index them from Google Search Console. This will make your work easier and will prevent you from receiving visitors in sections that you don’t really want to have readers. 7. Create an internal linkbuilding structure Fundamental. The content of your website must be linked to each other (as long as said linking makes sense), so that Google robots can track all content well. 8. Look for links outside your website As essential as the previous step. Share links to your content on social networks, in Newsletter and in all the places you can. If your content is good, surely you also get other websites to link to yours.

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