when you doubt the ones that have more pull. Google Keyword Planner: It is another of Google’s free tools and probably one of the most useful in terms of keyword research. What this tool tells you is how many monthly searches a given keyword has on Google, depending on the country and language you select. In this way, you will be able to know if the keyword in question can bring visits or not. Since it would not be logical to work with a keyword that does not have any monthly searches, since this will not add any value to our website: this keyword will not be visited because people do not search for it.

Google Search Console: Also another tool from the Google platform. This tool will also be very useful to us because it tells us what keywords Jamaica whatsapp number list users are using to our web page. Thus, it will allow you to know if the keywords you use work and also discover others that you were not considering and thanks to which users are finding your content. Ubersuggest: It is a free keyword search engine focused on finding long tail keywords from a keyword . For example, if our keyword is “video games”, the platform will offer us keywords such as: “video games for children”, “fun video games”, etc.

That Is, It Will Offer Us Keywords

from our keyword as extensions, it will not offer us our words such as “console”, “streaming”, etc. Keyword Shitter: It has the same function as the one mentioned above. The drawback of these platforms is that many times this type of tool will give us keywords completely similar to ours but with a different ending (long tails). Google Suggest: It is a function of Google itself that does the same as Ubersuggest and Keyword Shitter. Simply enter a keyword in the search engine so that it shows you related long tail words that users are looking for. Found: It is a tool that allows you to find new keywords from the combination of several words .

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Its main advantage is that it makes the combinations automatically and.  Therefore, it will save you the time of making them manually. Keyword Surfer: It is a free extension that we can download in our browser and it will provide us with the search volume of the keywords that we search for directly in the Google search engine. It is only available, at the moment, for the Google Chrome browser, although it is available in any language. Sloove: This is a very simple tool to search for long tails of keywords. We just have to enter the keywords from which we want to extract the suggestions, and the tool will show us a list with all the related keywords.

In Addition, Clicking on Any of the Words

that it suggests redirects us to the website.  Where that keyword is used.As you have been able to deduce throughout the post.  There are countless possible tools that can help.  Your brand with keyword research. The important thing is to take it into action and realize. The importance of keywords in our inbound marketing plan and.  Therefore, in our SEO positioning.To know if a place is of quality or not. Google will look at many factors. One of them will be to know if the keywords.  With which our website is related really refer to what is being treated in it.

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