They consider relevant on a specific topic on a board. On pinterest, all the content is shared in photographs, which are sometimes uploaded by the users themselves and other times are uploaded by authors of blogs, forums, web pages, companies… That use the images to promote them and link to them. Page to receive visits. When we talk about how we can get traffic to our blog or website, we always think of gmail campaigns, advertising strategies on social networks (instagram or facebook, mainly), but we almost never think of pinterest.

Mainly this happens because pinterest is considered by many users as a tool to create pins (boards) about health, lifestyle, beauty… But they never think that this can help increase visits to our website. If you haven’t used pinterest to drive Cameroon whatsapp number list more traffic to your website yet, now is the time to start . You are missing opportunities! This social network can be very interesting not only because of the large number of users it has, but also because, as we mentioned at the beginning, what pinterest is looking for is to create a community. Thanks to multiple people saving similar boards, algorithms are created that end up recommending very similar content among.

Some Users Who Share Similar Tastes

In this way, users are very connected to this network and the fact that they can find our brand there, where they look for inspiration for their day to day, can end up being very beneficial for us. In addition, pinterest offers us another advantage: it has not yet been multiply discovered. Stop to think how many of the companies you know use instagram or facebook as a social network to communicate with their followers… all of them? Can be. Now think how many of them are using pinterest…exactly, much less. Positioning ourselves on pinterest.

Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

Gives us an advantage over other brands as they have not yet discovered the public that we can find on this social network and how it can help us grow our business. How do i use pinterest to drive traffic to my website? On pinterest, as on all sites, there are also keywords to help us position ourselves. We will only need to understand how the algorithm of this social network works to be able to function better. The pinterest algorithm has a search engine called smart feed that is in charge of determining what each of its users will see in their feed.

Based on Keywords Related

to the keywords of their previous searches. This algorithm takes into account the factors. Domain quality : if we use a business and verified account. We will have more quality. Pin quality. It is not so much by the quality of the image.  But by its popularity (how many times it is or share. The quality of the piner (content creato.  This is on whether you are posting good pins. Your followers like them, they are frequently… relevance. If your pins are important to your users, if they use them to access your website…

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