In This Way, Magenta , an open source artificial intelligence tool created by Google, has written and performed “new” songs based on the dissected themes. This process has taken more than a year and a half.

The first thing they did was have the AI ​​listen in isolation to the rhythms, melodies. Lyrics of the musicians. Later, the algorithm created its own versions and it was a sound engineer who put the pieces together and produced the final album. However, the vocals were not computer-generated, instead contributing singers such as Eric Hogan , leader of a Nirvana tribute band.

Xplained to Rolling Stone

As explained to Rolling Stone by Sean O’Connor , who is part of the board of directors of Over the Bridge, for the lyrics they used an artificial China B2B list intelligence program called “artificial neural network” that analyzed the lyrics of the different musicians. Thus, the program took words as a starting point and then specified the cadence and tone.

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O’Connor also stated that the Nirvana-style recordings were the most difficult to produce. Apparently, contrary to what could happen with songs by other artists, Cobain’s less defined rhythms confused the AI. “Drowned in the Sun” (in the style of Nirvana), “Man, I Know” (inspired by Amy Winehouse).

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