Give talks and invite your potential customers through a form One of the hooks that most attract people’s attention are talks. seminars. courses or workshops with striking content. You can then invite people who visit your page to register their data in a contact form in order to attend the event. In this way you will collect data. give them valuable information and get them to visit your company to learn more about your products and services. 3. Printed with the url of your corresponding website or landing Add the url of the web page where people can expand the information of what you communicate in the flyers. brochures. cards and brochures of your company.

This way they will not lose relevant information. they will know your digital channels and they will visualize the information in new formats. 4. Take advantage of the visit to your points and collect data Take advantage of the visits that people make to your business and collect data from your visitors. inviting them to register their data to stay up to date on the latest news and to access discounts and other benefits. Later. you can send a mailing with information about the latest news and offers for the first buyers or a discount according to the number of items. among others.

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You can also take advantage of the data Slovenia whatsapp number list send people your latest e-book. catalog. etc. 5. Network surveys and samples at points of sale Surveys are an excellent way to find out about your audience’s interests and needs. so take advantage of the formats you find on different social networks and implement them; In this way. once completed. use the results to hold an event at your company’s facilities. For example. if your business is vehicles. you can ask on networks which references your followers prefer and take the most voted to invite them to do a test drive with that reference.

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For instance, carry out advertising segmented by geolocation Advertise to people to be seen by people who are close to your business. There are endless possibilities and thanks to mobile. local marketing is super powerful. Complement your physical store with an online store Many of the people today prefer to make their purchases online and others. visit the point of sale to measure themselves sizes. see sizes. etc.. and make sure that what they are going to buy really meets their expectations. Therefore. and to satisfy the preferences of your customers. complement your physical store with an online one.

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We even recommend that you have some products that can only be obtained. At the physical point and others that can only be found on the web. In this way. you will have a general portfolio that you will communicate. Both parts and some products that will have exclusivity in each of the channels. Now that you know these 7 alternatives. You can get the most out of the union of online and offline marketing. And thinking about the growth of your company. we want to share some resources to boost your business . One of the things that should not be overlook for the strengthening of your company. Is to be attentive to changes in the market and consumer behavior.

In other words, knowing how people move in different business areas around the world and. The factors that affect their purchasing decisions will give you a clearer and. Broader vision to take certain guidelines in favor of your company. A study carried out by the Nielsen firm maintains that “. In 2015 manufacturers of mass consumption products and retailers alike continued. To struggle to find significant levels of growth in Latin America. Average annual volume growth was 2.5% and value sales grew 6.7% .”. The foregoing shows that. although there are different factors that can discourage consumption a little.

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