You don’t become famous. But the creator there are countless creators who have flourished in very difficult regimes in illiberal regimes. In regimes that have restricted their freedom. The artist does not need freedom he needs limits. And if you give him everything he puts it all on his own. How do we start From doremifasolasido. This is how we begin. It sets limits. He puts limits on his own photography. I’m going out to photograph Livadia. I won’t go out shooting no matter what. I will set boundaries. That’s what I want to find that’s what I’m looking for. The financial crisis can also be a help. That is it forces you to go to more meaningful things than financial prosperity.

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I believe that pain produces art. I don’t know what you think. PR Yes it’s a given. You know I say many times using the opinions of many other artists that the life we ​​live is either now that… Do you know how much worse people lived in the ‘s the life Illustrator Art Work we ​​live has few happy moments short happy moments several unhappy ones that last longer and a lot of boredom boredom. The point is that your happy moments are good for your body they protect your heart your liver. Unhappy moments are good for your spirit your mind. Deaths make you think about life. Divorces unhappiness move your spirit. Neither in happiness nor in unhappiness will you go to take pictures. Because when you’re hungry and you don’t have to pay your rent you don’t look to take pictures.

Illustrator Art Work

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Night with the woman of your life you don’t take out the camera to take pictures. But all the rest of the time this flat time you photograph Singapore Lead and in this time you subconsciously invoke your happy and unhappy moments. You create with them. DL Very nice. How much does the ideological constitution and emotional state of the photographer affect his work So a chapel will be photographed by an atheist and a believer  her and someone who just wants to take a nice photo And this difference if it exists will you perceive it As an expert. PR Well. To disconnect the subject the object the subject matter as the English call it from the structure of the photographer’s mind and soul.

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