Some of the things we can do to make speed of our platform: do not include images or videos that are too heavy and that can hinder the quality of the results. It is also important that our page is optimized for both laptop and mobile phone or other devices, as we mentioned at the beginning. More than half of users consult information through their smartphoneso our page must also be available for this format. A mistake that many pages make is not having the page prepared for it and when we consult it from a smartphone we cannot correctly view all the elements.

Use good keywords: positioning in google also consists of the keywords that we use. The keywords, as their name in english indicates, are the keywords that we use on our page. It is important that in the articles of our web blog, for example, we use Bolivia whatsapp number list terms related to the competencies of our brand and what the user is looking for. In this way, when a user searches google for “inbound marketing” we appear in the first results if we have alluded to this keyword on our website. And so, when you find us in the first results, you will know that we are a quality blog that talks about inbound marketing.

Create Quality Content: Appearing

in the first places of google is a task that requires care and constant work. One day we can be very high in the search results but if we do not take care of our interface and do not create quality content, users will enter but they will leave again. This will increase our bounce rate and therefore, google will begin to lower us in the results. We must be up to date with the main trends and also with our competition to create quality content that is continuously so that google does not send us to the pit of the results of the second page. Add digital content to your page.

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Related to the above and to creating quality content for our website, a good tool is digital content. If we incorporate videos, images, infographics, etc. Into our website. We will make the user’s visual experience more attractive and help them better understand how our brand and our work work. Encourage users to interact with the website : it is important that the user feels part of our project. We can encourage you to comment on our blog posts, send us suggestions, tell you that we are here to answer your questions, etc.

We Can Also Integrate a Chatbot

on our website to chat with the user live and let them see that we are here to help them: this will make the client consider us a quality site and so will google afterwards. Insert links: one of the main criteria that google takes into account to position a website higher or lower in search results is the number of blogs that link to it. Therefore, getting authority blogs to link to us will make us go through the roof. Although this does not depend on us, what is in our power is to insert links to other articles on our website or to services that are related to what we are talking about.

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