Although the head of the Federation has admitted that his organization is not being “proactive” but that “it would take action against things that are wrong.” And it is that Getty. an international photography agency. has come to publish a gallery of “solid”. according to its own description. which was accompanied by the subtitle: The hottest fans of the World Cup . The galery was withdrawn and an “error of judgment” was pointed out and an internal investigation was opened to clarify the facts. Hence. even FIFA will receive comments about it and its response to prohibit approaches against sexual harassment. In response to this brand crisis. Getty ended up apologizing and saying that they would review what had happened internally.Blue shirt with red socks and white shorts. Blue shirt and shorts and red socks. White shirt. shorts and socks.

These and three other combinations were arranged by France and Nike for the six games that. Until now. Les Blues played in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Apparently. according to @PielCardenal –with information from– . It is the greatest variation of uniforms in the history of world cups. since until now. The record had been four combinations in the same cup. On that list were the Latin Americans Argentina (1990). Chile (1998) and Brazil (1974). Will it be a Nike marketing strategy or a French cabal? So far. It hasn’t been bad at all. Of the six games played. He won five and drew one. He converted 10 goals and conceded 4. Three of which were in the game with Argentina. which finished 4-3.

The Mexican Soccer League

If it is a question of cabala. Would indicate Belgium whatsapp number list  using the combination he used against Denmark (white shirt. blue shorts and white socks). Since it was the only game in which Didier Deschamps’ team could not emerge victorious (0- 0). That was also the only goalless tie in the World Cup. when only two games remain. In the networks they speculate which will be chosen for the final. Some say they will wear the same one from the France 98 final. when they beat Brazil 3-0 dressed in the most traditional of the “blue-white-red” combinations. ALGERIA 1998: A stamp printed in Algeria from the “Football World Cup. France” issue shows soccer players and the Eiffel Tower.


Missing: White shirt and shorts and blue socks. and blue shirt and shorts and white socks.” says @iamlucasmoreno . For @luisdani_robles . “in the final white jersey. blue shorts and red socks to make 7”. According to @trillo_20 . “six more combinations they can do in total”. Nike and a guaranteed victory The World Cup has been a great opportunity for Nike. since despite dressing fewer teams (10) than its German competitor Adidas (12). it has ensured that it will be the official clothing of the next champion. This is because. in addition to dressing France. it is the official brand of Croatia. Next Sunday. the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will be the scene of the grand final of the FIFA World Cup. Russia 2018. between the teams of France and Croatia.

Will Begin In Nine Days

The semi-finals against England favorite to reach the title match. Croatia’s time in the tournament has left its mark since that thrashing of Argentina in the group stage. an investigation by FIFA due to political issues. a documentary made by Mexican filmmakers that inspired the team prior to their match against Nigeria. However. a fact was revealed that. just as surprising. may not leave a good taste in the mouths of both the fans and the Croatian squad; According to various press reports. the captain of the squad Luka Modric could face a prison sentence for false testimony. According to reports. the Mamic case. the episode starring the former president of the Croatian Football Federation for allegations of corruption. involves the Real Madrid midfielder.

An Osijek County ruling indicated that Modric would have illegally received 50 percent of the pass transfer from him when he was transferred from Dinamo Zagreb to England’s Tottenham. in an operation orchestrated by Zdravko Mamic. At that time the player was represented by the manager’s son (Mario Mamac). within their contracts there were certain clauses that forced the player to share their earnings with the agent. Some agreements that not only applied with Modric. but with a high number of young people who promised an elite future. For this. Mamic was sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison. along with the former president of Dinamo Zagreb. Damir Vrbanovi. who received a 3-year sentence.

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