Using email marketing to increase sales from our web store Thanks to the possibility that e-mail marketing platforms offer today to automate different processes. create workflows and integrate these with e-commerce platforms. any business that has a web store is in a position to improve the impact of your shipments as well as sales within your site. money-envelope.pngThings like being able to program different actions to be executed in the event that certain conditions are met by the subscribers of our list. allow us to send them the perfect message at the right time and carry out routine tasks such as recovering abandoned carts. send surveys to obtain feedback a few days after a purchase has been made.

Or send subscribers an email with a special offer on their birthday automatically. In this way. it is not only possible to make the use of this tool more efficient and less time-consuming. once different actions are configured that can be triggered each time certain conditions within our list are met. but also We can increase the relevance and impact of our messages based on how each of the contacts in our database interacts with us and the stage in which they are in the purchase process. To get an idea of those things that we must keep in mind to manage email marketing well and thereby achieve better results for our web store.

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The following are some basic actions that all Portugal whatsapp number list who have an e-commerce site can and should configure within your shipping platform. in order to take better advantage of the automation and integration features offered by them. and thus achieve higher sales: 1. Welcome new subscribers Thanks to the automation tools offered by most email marketing platforms . we can set up an email or email chains to welcome new subscribers. Then we can recommend some of the most read articles on our blog so that they are hook from the beginning with our content. as well as offer them a trial product or discount to mobilize them towards the purchase. 2.

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Send emails or chain letters after someone makes a purchase. Another thing that we can do thanks to automation is to create a workflow. Which is nothing more than creating an e-mail or chains of e-mails with thank you messages along with purchase and shipping information. And content with instructions. or guides to get more out of the product. Likewise. we can obtain feedback from customers and find out their satisfaction. Through surveys or evaluations that sent automatically. After a reasonable time after the customer has made the purchase.

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The relationship with contacts alive by sending use and interesting information on a sporadic basis. The integration of e-mail platforms with those of e-commerce. Allows customers to be sent personalize recommendations base on their browsing behaviour. buy. Making the content more relevant to their interests and. in this way. they buy again. Another action to get the repurchase is to set up an email so that after making the first purchase.  As well as sending the best customers emails with promotions and exclusive discounts to reward your loyalty.

Recover abandoned shopping carts shopping-cart.pngThanks to the integration of. E-mail marketing platforms with e-commerce platforms. Recovering abandoned shopping carts is as easy as configuring a workflow. So that when an abandonment occurs in the transactional area of our store. Immediately or Within the period that we set. To make any suggestions to improve the experience within the transactional. Area of our store in the event that it has not been to their liking. Bring back inactive customers client-in-love.pngIn the event that. for example.

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