Make your visitors loyal Do not settle for a surfer to come to the web once and not return. Design a strategy that encourages you to return on a recurring basis. Google loves that pages have loyal users. Just as SEO is a fantastic channel to attract potential clients to your website, the email marketing can help you retain and retain them. Discover how to combine both channels as a complete comparison. 10. Watch out for negative SEO Be careful not to be a victim of black hat SEO, What are they actions that someone else does and seek to harm your website (duplicate content, put links on pages that Google does not like, among others). Monitor your page frequently to check that your keywords are not lowering their positions in Google.

For this, you can use a Rank Tracker integrates with Google Search Console and tells you every 24 hours if your keywords are getting better or worse. If you detect a very sharp drop in many of the keywords, it is possible that you are facing a negative SEO attack. Follow these 10 tips on how to position yourself in Google and in no time you will notice the results. If we are clear about something who works in the online marketing sector, it is that Internet users have less and less patience, so it is best to always go straight to the point. But sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds and we have to add a lot of content to our mail.

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Fortunately, the option of create a link in an India whatsapp number list  it can help us not to lose the reader’s attention. What types of links can you insert in an email? The links that you put in your emails will allow the recipients scroll faster through content or directly do certain actions. For this you can use different types of links: Web address: we use a URL link that leads directly to a website. Email address: is a link to email that allows the reader to directly send a message. Anchor link o anchor text: The anchor text link allows you to create an index so that the reader can navigate directly to that part of the email that they really want to see.


Why is it important to introduce them through an anchor text? The anchor text is an anchor text, so when clicking on it, the reader is taken to another part of the email, but without leaving the document in which it was. This is a great advantage, as it ensures that still in the mail And then you can find other interesting information that helps your loyalty and even conversion. The good thing about introducing a link of this type is that the same stands out in another color, which immediately captures the user’s attention. Do not forget that when we read content online many times we do not process in depth what we are seeing, but rather we do a very segmented reading. That is why it is important to have elements such as links.

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How to create anchor text links in an email? If you know how to make URL links, it won’t cost you much to make anchor text links. These links are made up of two parts, on the one hand the URL and on the other the anchor tag to which the link “jumps” within the text. The first thing you have to do is create the text. Then choose the terms or phrases that will lead the link and the part of the text to which they will go. The creation of the link is very similar to when we put a bookmark in a text document, we only have to tell the tool that we are using to create the text that we want that when the reader clicks on the term that we have highlighted, it will automatically take them to another part of the text.

If you create these types of links in a text editor like Word, it is possible that when uploading it to the tool to create your email marketing campaign, something might be misconfigured. So we recommend that you choose create link in email directly from an email marketing platform. You will see that it is very simple and you will see that by including this type of links in your newsletter you get better results. Do you want to increase visits to your blog? We tell you the best techniques so that you learn how to publicize a blog and where it is more effective to promote it.

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