On YouTube , many users (both large and small) spend their idle hours. The Google subsidiary is one of the most widely use streaming video platforms across the globe. All the more reason to permanently use the interface of a platform whose users are legion around the world.

Google has spruced up (once again) the YouTube interface with the ultimate goal of making searches much simpler and more visual and for the user not to miss out on the large amount of content that is hosted there.

YouTube the User Contemplating the Chapters

With the new update of YouTube, the user will have the possibility of contemplating the chapters integrated in the videos taiwan telephone directly in the search results. This new functionality will allow the user to have much easier access to the content that really interests him.

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In this way, the user will not have to scroll through the video to find the part where the information they need is found. And you can browse the chapters from the search results and quickly navigate to the part that really interests you.

Make YouTube searches less tedious: the goal of the new interface of the Google subsidiary
YouTube has also decided to incorporate the preview of videos to the search results displayed by mobile devices. The objective? Before watching a specific video the viewer is confronted with a short clip.

Google’s Video Platform

Google’s video platform has also launched another functionality. To help the user find content if there are no videos related to their search in their local language. This function is currently available only and exclusively for videos in English, but YouTube is already considering the inclusion of more languages.

To make it even easier for the user to find information, YouTube is also experimenting with adding links to web pages and other formats exported from the Google search engine to the search results displayed by the video platform. This feature is currently available only on mobile devices in India and Indonesia. Even so, YouTube contemplates the possibility of expanding this functionality to other countries. The newly release YouTube interface can only be enjoy by a few users for now. As on other occasions, Google is betting on a staggered deployment of the new features introduced on YouTube.

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